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Rotating Headers:
{price ranges from $40-$60}

Rotating Headers are such a fun and service offered by Once Upon A Blog. Have a lot of photos that you wish could all be on your header? Here is the solution! Each time your page is refreshed, a new header will show up. Choose anywhere from 2-6 headers to be customized, and then all of your precious photos will be able to be displayed!

Blog Header:

Social Media Icons:
(examples here)

Custom Signature:

Sidebar Tabs:
{for a set of 12}

Sidebar Photos:
{for a set of 4}

Blog Button:
Do you need a sidebar icon for your business or personal site? Does your blog need a fun button to give to others to place on their sidebar? Do you have a blog carnival that needs a button and code? Let Once Upon A Blog design it for you today! Each button/banner comes with the “grab the code” box below to make it easy for your readers to paste the code!

Header Photo Update:
{to change out the photo in your header for a more current one}

Navigation Bars:
{Text Only} - $20

{Image} - $25

{Drop Down Menu} - $35